Another Real-Life Story Of Moving To Hawaii

I recently discovered another blog about moving to Hawaii that I want to share with you. This one is written by John Derrick, who fell in love with Hawaii 10 years ago when he visited the state for the first time. He and his wife Victoria are finally making their dream come true next year, when they move from South Carolina to Kauai. John is a great writer and storyteller, and has chronicled their whole moving process thus far — including how they decided to move to Hawaii in the first place — in his blog.

The blog is actually part of his larger website, Guide Of Hawaii. The site is absolutely gorgeous (John is a Web developer, and obviously a very good one!) and has tons of useful info on traveling throughout all the islands. It’s so well documented with beautiful photos, videos, and detailed info that it’s hard to believe John and Victoria don’t live in Hawaii already!

Since his first visit 10 years ago, John has traveled extensively throughout the islands (much of it on foot, as John is an avid hiker) and has written an impressive collection of articles and books based on his travel experience, including an article about moving to Hawaii. Guide Of Hawaii also has lots of information on each of the major islands, so it’s a great resource if you’re trying to decide which island you want to move to.

I’ll definitely be following the blog to see how the rest of John and Victoria’s move unfolds, and the adventures that await them in their new home!

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