The Menehune - Myth or Real

The Menehune – Real or Myth?

Hawaiian mythology is rich with tales of supernatural beings and deities, making the island nation an unforgettable bucket list destination to visit.  One of the legends of Kauai (a Hawaiian … Read More

What You Need to Know About Hawaii Islands

Tired visiting the conventional holiday destinations? Want some escapades? Want to electrify yourself? Then budge to holiday at Hawaii and unravel the inscrutable anonymity of nature. A Short March in … Read More

Modern History of Hawaii

Modern history of Hawaii generally begins in the late 1800’s. It was during this period that business and political leaders in Hawaii began to move toward entrance into the United … Read More

Hawaii History

Hawaii History from 1700-1898

The history from 1700-1898 marked the first contact with the western world. Captain James Cook’s arrival on Kauai in 1778 is the first recorded arrival of Europeans in Hawaii. In … Read More

Ancient Hawaii

In the ancient history of Hawaii, the Big Island is believed to be the first island to be colonized by the Polynesians during the second or third century AD. It … Read More

History of Hawaii

Hawaii history is a bit like the creation of the islands themselves. Born of volcanic action, Hawaii is part of a large group of islands called Polynesia–which means “many islands”. … Read More

Honolulu: A Great City

The Top 10 Reasons Why Honolulu is a Great (Convention) City 1. Location. The advantage of being situated halfway between the United States and Asia and between time zones is … Read More