Special Education In Hawaii: Top List of Special Needs Schools & Programs in Hawaii

Special education in Hawaii

If you have a child with special needs, there are schools and educational programs in Hawaii that you should know about for children with disabilities, emotional/behavioral problems, and specific learning requirements. Some of these schools and programs catering to special education in Hawaii are run by private organizations and charge tuition. Others are funded through … Read more

Overview: Child Care In Hawaii Part 1

Child care in Hawaii

Part 1: Overview Types Of Providers In Hawaii, there are 3 types of child care providers that are defined and regulated by state laws: A license-exempt provider (like a relative, friend, or babysitter) can care for up to 2 children who are not related to them. A licensed family child care home has a caretaker … Read more

School Age Programs: Child Care In Hawaii Part 4

School Age Programs

Part 1: OverviewPart 2: Statewide ProgramsPart 3: Nannies, Au Pairs & Babysitters Part 4: School Age Programs Kindergarten Eligibility Hawaii is one of 12 states in the U.S. that doesn’t have state-funded preschool, so families in which both parents work outside the home must make their own arrangements for full-time child care — whether that … Read more

Preschools In Hawaii

Preschools In Hawaii

Although Hawaii is one of 12 states in the U.S. that doesn’t offer state-funded preschool for all of its children, it does fund: Special-education preschool for children ages 3-5 with disabilities. Early-intervention services for children under age 3 with developmental delays or special health needs. To get more info or to enroll in either of … Read more

Private Schools In Hawaii: Grades Pre K-12

Private Schools In Hawaii. Grades PreK-12

NOTE: If you’re interested in finding a private school for a child age 15 months-6 years, I recommend also reading my post Preschools In Hawaii. In 2009, average test scores in reading, math, and science for 4th- and 8th-grade students enrolled in Hawaii’s public schools were all below the national average. Because of their dissatisfaction … Read more

Public Schools In Hawaii: Grades PreK-12

Public Schools In Hawaii. Grades PreK-12

Hawaii is the only state in U.S. that has just one school district (Department of Education) that governs all public schools in the state. Hawaii’s Department of Education also sets policies such as high school graduation requirements and curriculum standards. For administrative purposes, the Department of Education is divided into 7 subdistricts: Hawaii District (Big … Read more

Homeschooling In Hawaii

Homeschooling In Hawaii

Parents in Hawaii choose to homeschool their children for a variety of reasons: religious beliefs, dissatisfaction with the quality of public education, having a child with special learning needs, etc. And homeschooling in Hawaii seems to produce good results: According to the National Home Education Research Institute, homeschooled students score 15-30 percentile points higher than … Read more

Colleges, Universities & Vocational Schools In Hawaii

Colleges, Universities & Vocational Schools In Hawaii

When it comes to post-secondary education in Hawaii, there are surprisingly many options for a relatively small U.S. state. Public post-secondary schools include the Hawaii Department of Education adult community schools and the state’s expansive University of Hawaii system. There are also several private colleges and universities to choose from, as well as vocational schools … Read more