The Menehune – Real or Myth?

The Menehune - Myth or Real

Hawaiian mythology is rich with tales of supernatural beings and deities, making the island nation an unforgettable bucket list destination to visit.  One of the legends of Kauai (a Hawaiian island) revolves around the Alekoko Menehune fish pond, which is believed to be built by the Menehune, mysterious beings with supernatural abilities and a knack … Read more

Which of the Amazing Hawaiian Islands Should You Move To?

Which Hawaiian Island Should You Move To

Deciding on which of the six major islands in Hawaii to call home is a nice problem to have. They are all beautiful and have something to offer their residents. But each Hawaiian island has its downside, too. For example: Oahu has the highest job salaries. But it’s also the most densely populated. Maui has … Read more

Cheapest Places To Live In Hawaii: The Ultimate Guide

Cheapest places to live in hawaii

Hawaii’s housing is expensive. In fact, compared to the other U.S. States, Hawaii’s average rent is the highest coming in at a whopping average of $1,687 per month for a 1 bedroom! No wonder then that it can be a struggle to find the cheapest places to live in Hawaii! Unfortunately, living on the beautiful … Read more

Hawaii Islands: What You Need to Know

Hawaii Islands

Tired visiting the conventional holiday destinations? Want some escapades? Want to electrify yourself? Then budge to holiday at Hawaii and unravel the inscrutable anonymity of nature. A Short March in the Past, Hawaii Islands were born thousands of years ago from the underwater volcanic action. The oceanic water nurtured the islands, which developed huge ecosystems. … Read more