Swimming with dolphins on Hawaii

Swimming with dolphins on Hawaii

Swimming with dolphins will make your Hawaiian vacation unforgettable. In the coats waters of Hawaiian archipelago you can expect to meet eight species of dolphins among which there are bottlenose dolphin (Afalina) and long-beaked dolphin being the most dispersed species. Swimming with dolphins is one of the most wanted occupations of any traveler, visiting Hawaii. … Read more

Whale Watching In Maui: Everything You Need To Know

humpback whale breaching Maui tour

If you’ve ever wanted to see Humpback Whales in their natural habitat, whale watching in Maui is the place to make that dream a reality. The island’s surrounding waters are a well-known hub for whale activity during the winter months. From November to May every year, about 12,000 North Pacific Humpback Whales migrate south from … Read more

Hawaii Arts Season

Hawaii Arts Season

Art and culture is woven into the daily life in the Hawaiian Islands Beyond that, each year from February through May, Hawaii celebrates the arts. The Hawaii Arts Season mega-list of cultural events begs the questions: At a conference or convention have you ever chanted up the sun? Played a nose flute? Woven a fan … Read more

New Home Developments In Hawaii: Oahu Island

New Home Developments In Hawaii. Oahu

Looking for a brand-new condo, townhouse, or single family home in Hawaii? Here’s a roundup of all the current new-home construction on the island of Oahu. (In my next post, I’ll cover new-home construction on the neighbor islands.) All properties listed in this article are fee-simple. I did not include time shares (also known as … Read more

10 Great Hawaii Adventures

Here are some great Hawaii adventures that are sure to create great memories for a life time. What: Hawaii Snorkeling Where: Ohahu? Waikiki Beach Who: Paradise Cruises Description: If you? love to get up close and personal with beautiful tropical fish, then a snorkeling cruise is something you can? miss. You’ll climb onboard The Starlet … Read more

Best Snorkeling Locations in Hawaii

Best Snorkeling Locations in Hawaii

Hawaiian islands are the paradise that has the best snorkeling locations . It does not matter of which of the numerous islands of Hawaiian archipelago you visit, you will discover splendid locations for this type of swimming anywhere. You can enjoy snorkeling on your own or address a company providing snorkeling service and assistance and … Read more

Nature Tours in Hawaii

nature tours in Hawaii

Excursions are on the list of the most popular entertainments in Hawaii. There are numerous companies that offers nature tours in Hawaii such as: hiking, trips to waterfalls, volcanoes, places of historical interest and many others. The nature of Hawaii is rich, spectacular and unique. You will discover amazing waterfalls, tropical forests and valleys with … Read more

Which of the Amazing Hawaiian Islands Should You Move To?

Which Hawaiian Island Should You Move To

Deciding on which of the six major islands in Hawaii to call home is a nice problem to have. They are all beautiful and have something to offer their residents. But each Hawaiian island has its downside, too. For example: Oahu has the highest job salaries. But it’s also the most densely populated. Maui has … Read more

Hawaii Long Term Rentals: Top 5 Sites Guide

Hawaii long term rentals

So you’ve figured out the maximum rent you can afford in Hawaii, and you’ve identified which towns or neighborhoods you’re most interested in moving to. At last, you’re ready to tackle those listings for Hawaii long term rentals to find your new home in Hawaii. How to find a long term rental in Hawaii? Even … Read more

Special Education In Hawaii: Top List of Special Needs Schools & Programs in Hawaii

Special education in Hawaii

If you have a child with special needs, there are schools and educational programs in Hawaii that you should know about for children with disabilities, emotional/behavioral problems, and specific learning requirements. Some of these schools and programs catering to special education in Hawaii are run by private organizations and charge tuition. Others are funded through … Read more

Pet Health Certificate – Best Guide To Bringing Pets To Hawaii Step 8

Pet health certificate hawaii

Step 1: Prohibited AnimalsStep 2: VaccinationsStep 3: MicrochipStep 4: Blood TestStep 5: Flight BookingStep 6: KennelStep 7: Import Form Step 8: Pet Health Certificate Pets From Guam, Australia, New Zealand, or the British Isles If your dog or cat will be coming to Hawaii from Guam, Australia, New Zealand, or the British Isles, it will … Read more

Outfits for Hawaii: Womens Business Casual

women outfits for hawaii

Have you ever spent hours preparing for an interview? Were you researching what the business is about or were you trying to figure out what to wear! Outfits for Hawaii come in all shapes and sizes, colors, patterns, and materials. One thing is for sure though, there is a Hawaii outfit for women ‘style’ and … Read more