Best Companies To Work For In Hawaii

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Yesterday I listed the highest earning companies in Hawaii (based on annual gross sales), and how they might be good places to look for a job. Well, if you care more about the quality of a workplace than the quantity of money it earns, you’ll be happy to know that this month, Hawaii Business Magazine published its annual “Best Places To Work” issue.

And if the size of a company is important to you, you’ll appreciate that the list is divided up into three categories: Large companies (250+ employees), medium companies (50-249 employees), and small companies (15-49 employees), with around 20 winners listed in each category.

The free version of the list includes each company’s name, website URL, headquarters location, number of employees, average annual salary, and a brief description of the perks and unique qualities that make it a “best place” to work in Hawaii.

Also available for free are the top picks for “Healthiest Workplaces,” “Most Family-Friendly Workplaces,” and “Best Nonproft Workplaces.” However, just the names of the companies are listed here. There aren’t any descriptions of the benefits that earned these companies their first-place spot in these categories.

There’s also some great free info on the 2010, 2008, and 2007 winners (not sure what happened to 2009). Each winner’s profile contains the same info as this year’s winners, plus the number of part-time employees, the employee turnover rate, the number of paid vacation days and holidays, and more. (Hawaii Business Magazine, you rock!)

If you want more detailed information about this year’s winning companies and their benefits, you can purchase the full 2011 report from Hawaii Business Magazine.

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