Moving To Hawaii: One Man’s 5-Year Plan

I recently found out about a YouTube Channel called Hawaii Four-0, which is documenting (on video) one man’s progress toward his goal to live in Hawaii for a year with his family by the time he turns 40 (he’s 35 now).

Jay’s dream of living in Hawaii is complicated by the fact that he’s not a U.S. citizen — he’s Canadian, from Toronto. But he’s not letting that stop him. He has a plan for getting a work visa, which he explains in his videos.

Jay is no stranger to obstacles and life challenges, as you’ll hear in his introductory video (see below), in which he describes the special meaning Hawaii holds for him. I won’t say any more, because he tells the story best.

If you also dream of moving to Hawaii, you’ll be inspired by Jay’s five-year plan and his determination to make his dream come true. He’s already succeeded in making an important step closer to achieving his goal, and I look forward to watching his future videos and witnessing his progress.

My name is Elizabeth. I had a dream to live in Hawaii when I was young, and I was able to make my dream come true! I write for How To Live In Hawaii and share my stories!

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