Foreign Nationals: How To Live In Hawaii 2022 Guide

Foreign Nationals: Best Guide For How To Live In Hawaii 2022

Surprise, surprise: American citizens aren’t the only ones who want to move to Hawaii. With its beautiful islands, laid-back lifestyle, and generally very friendly population, it's no surprise that foreign ...
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Business Casual Hawaii Men

Business Casual Hawaii: The Definitive Guide for Men

In typical Hawaiian style, the “business casual Hawaii” dress code for women is relaxed and at times quite vague. After diving into the research for the male readers of How ...
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women outfits for hawaii

Outfits for Hawaii: Womens Business Casual

Have you ever spent hours preparing for an interview? Were you researching what the business is about or were you trying to figure out what to wear! Outfits for Hawaii ...
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Highest Earning Companies In Hawaii

Highest Earning Companies In Hawaii: Top 10 List

Let’s talk about job hunting. Because unless you’re independently wealthy (in which I case I’m totally envious) or have a nice nest egg saved up for your retirement in Hawaii, ...
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Which Hawaiian Island Should You Move To

Which of the Amazing Hawaiian Islands Should You Move To?

Deciding on which of the six major islands in Hawaii to call home is a nice problem to have. They are all beautiful and have something to offer their residents ...
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Colleges, Universities & Vocational Schools In Hawaii

Colleges, Universities & Vocational Schools In Hawaii

When it comes to post-secondary education in Hawaii, there are surprisingly many options for a relatively small U.S. state. Public post-secondary schools include the Hawaii Department of Education adult community ...
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How Much Does living in Hawaii cost...
How Much Does living in Hawaii cost? Best Guide 2022
Service providers for Hawaii

Service Providers For Hawaii Startups

After publishing my last post, Resources For Hawaii Entrepreneurs, I’ve discovered that High Technology Development Corporation (HTDC) here in Hawaii has its own comprehensive list of recommended service providers for ...
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Hawaii Entrepreneurs

Resources For Hawaii Entrepreneurs

In less than two weeks, Startup Weekend will be happening for the first time in Hawaii. This is a very exciting news for the state’s growing number of high-tech entrepreneurs ...
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Small Business Resources in Hawaii

Small Business Resources in Hawaii: 5 More Finds

In the 3 months since I wrote my post on self-employment incentives and business resources in Hawaii, I’ve come across a few more that I’ve been saving up to write ...
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Who Is Hiring In Hawaii

Who Is Hiring In Hawaii? Find Out

Yesterday, I came across another good resource of finding out who is hiring in Hawaii: Job Link Now, which is part of the “Hawaii News Now” website. Like many job ...
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