Honolulu: A Great City

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The Top 10 Reasons Why Honolulu is a Great (Convention) City

1. Location. The advantage of being situated halfway between the United States and Asia and between time zones is hugely significant in today’s business world where accessibility and communication are paramount.

This big city is conducive to business while retaining small town reassurance; most importantly it is ranked among the safest cities with a population of over 750,000 (Travel + Leisure, 2003).

2. Communication/Technology. Honolulu’s world-class telecommunications infrastructure is the most up-to-date available as it is commandeered by the U.S. military who demand no less.
Some very special software developments and IT applications including telemedicine, 3-D animation, advanced imaging, remote sensing and disaster mitigation planning are available in Honolulu.

3. Advances in Industry. Global leaders in fields such as astronomy, biotechnology, agribusiness, space science, oceanography and genetic research are putting Honolulu on the map and in the news.
The genetic engineering of mice first occurred at the University of Hawai‘i and major findings in agro-biotechnology, including disease resistant plants, have designated Honolulu scientists as leaders in the field.

4. Lifestyle/Demographics. Honolulu is a multicultural, multilingual city whose residents have attained a significant level of education, and who most importantly live their lives with a deep sense of spirit of Aloha.

Doing business with people who are well versed in navigating cultural nuances always means smooth sailing whether you are setting up a PowerPoint presentation or organizing group transportation.

5. Education. The new University of Hawai‘i medical school is destined to be a top-flight service center, an anchor for a new business park development and a cornerstone of biotechnology in Hawai‘i.

It represents a major leap forward in developing a knowledge-based industry and diversifying the economy. It will attract the attention of entrepreneurs, corporations and venture investors that scour the globe for cutting-edge ideas.

6. Quality of Life/Recreation. Honolulu is notorious for its climate, living conditions and natural beauty, and now we can add to that list great housing, low crime rates, excellent health and abundant recreational activities. Honolulu’s 485 beach and inland parks plus an accomplished symphony, contemporary museums and film festivals make it a quality city.

7. Medical/Health. Hawai‘i has one of the highest ratios of doctors to residents and the clean environment and active, healthy lifestyle result in an average life span that exceeds all other states in the nation.

Capitalizing on its mid-Pacific location, multicultural heritage and strong tradition of Native Hawaiian healing, Hawai‘i is also a leader in the fusion of Western and Eastern health and wellness therapies.

8. Act 221/Capital Availability/Business Growth. A historic tax credit, high foreign investment and a developing high-tech business sector point to economic viability and growth.
Act 221 offers a 100 percent tax credit over five years for companies that invest in Hawai‘i Qualified High Technology Business.

9. Government/Military. Hawai‘i has a well-known strategic and military significance and is the headquarters for US PACOM, the home of numerous military bases, as well as the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies.

There are many historic military areas in Honolulu including Pearl Harbor, the USS Missouri and the Hawai‘i Army Museum.

10. Spirit of Aloha. More than a tag line, Aloha is fundamentally about the unconditional extension of trust and friendship, and after one visit to Honolulu it becomes clear that the city has it.

My name is Elizabeth. I had a dream to live in Hawaii when I was young, and I was able to make my dream come true! I write for How To Live In Hawaii and share my stories!

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