Hawaiian Luau

What is Luau?

Attending Luau is an essential part of entertaining program of any guest of Hawaii. But what is a Luau? For locals Luau is a nice way to celebrate any event (birthday, harvest, won battle, completion of studying, etc.).

Luau is a feast of life which can be organized at every given opportunity. Commonly the feast takes place at somebody’s house or in a park with many guests attending the event, much of delicious foods and interesting entertainment. If you visit Hawaii without a big family (ohana), then you can visit any of Luau events, organized specially for guests and tourists of Hawaiian islands as well as Luau parties set for natives.

Traditionally Luau is accompanied with music, dancing and delicious foods. During Luau you can relax and learn many new interesting facts about Hawaii and Polynesia as well as about traditions of native people: Imu ceremony, royal parade ceremony, beach hukilau and many others.

Hawaiian Luau

Despite of all Luau parties being very similar, during every event the ceremony of Imu takes place — this is a kalua pork processing in a ground pit according to old traditions. Then the ceremony is followed with ancient Hawaiian rituals. When the pork is cooked, you will taste delicious meat.

Luau commonly takes place on main islands of Hawaii: Oahu, Kauai, Maui or Big Island. During any Luau party you can expect to see a ceremony of lei giving, the party itself and cocktails (in Polynesian cultural center you can expect only non-alcohol drinks).

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