Hawaiian helicopter tours

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Helicopter tours are the most popular entertainments in Hawaii. On Oahu, Maui, Kauai and on the Big Island you will find many companies organizing such tours.

Expensive, but unforgettable adventure. Helicopter tours are not the most expensive type of entertainment in Hawaii for a reason. First, you can enjoy local sights which are unreachable from the land. Second, helicopter requires constant professional and rather expensive maintenance and checking before every flight. Third, helicopter fuel is expensive and the tour cost includes the price for fueling the vehicle.

An average cost of a 30-minute flight is about 100$. For longer flights (over 2-3 hours) you will need to pay over 500$.

Flights over Oahu island

If you visit Oahu, then during a helicopter tour you will enjoy the sights of Waikiki beach and the Diamond Head mountain, the night lights of Honolulu, favorite surfing beaches of the northern coast, the Kaava valley, Sacred Falls (which is unreachable from the land), Dole ranch and many other sights. If you look for general sightseeing tour of historical places, then the helicopter tour over Perl Harbor, Battleship Row, Punchbowl memorial cemetery and «Arizona» ship memorial.

If you want to explore the entire island from the helicopter flight, then the best solution for you is to book a tour «Grand Circle Island». In the evening you can enjoy breathtaking sights of the sunset and city night lights. There are also combo-tours, which apart from helicopter tours can include visiting of submarine and of various night shows.

Flights over Maui island

Maui, the valley island, is known for its unique sights, which are better to explore from the flight. You can take a tour over Haleakala crater, jungles, cascade waterfalls and Hana coast. Or you can choose evening tour, which goes through the channel to the neighbor island Molokai, during which you can enjoy weird sea cliffs.

Flights over Kauai island

Many people consider the Kauai island to be the most beautiful one of all the Hawaiian archipelago islands. If you want to see its beauty with your own eyes, then the best way is to take a helicopter flight over the island. You will see Waimea Canyon, which Mark Twain named the Pacific Grand-Canyon. You will also see Waileale mountain (the dampest place in the world), the coast Na Pali and its unique sharp scars. You will also enjoy the sights of breathtaking Wailua waterfalls, Waiula river, Hanalei valley and many other land- and seascapes.

hawaiian helicopter tours

Flights over the Big Island

Have you ever flown over an active volcano? During visiting the Big Island you can get a chance to try such an extreme entertainment. Just book a helicopter tour over the Big Island. Local helicopter companies will organize a memorable adventure for you to show genuine flowing lava. Apart from volcanoes, you can explore the wildest jungle, beautiful waterfalls, Waipio valley and many other sights.


Gliding is the same exciting and breathtaking as helicopter tours offering the same sights, however it is a much cheaper solution. Some companies organizing gliding tours, will offer you the same routes that helicopter companies do, but in addition you will experience new emotions of free flight. Certain skills and training level is required. That is why it is recommended to take several tutorials of gliding before the tour.

Weight limitations

If you want to enjoy a bird’s fly panorama, then you must keep in mind that there are certain limitations of weigh. Each company has its own limits, but the average maximum weight is 113,4kg. If weight of a client exceeds this limit, but the client still wants to take a helicopter tour, then such client must book an additional seat. These limitations are strictly followed. Some companies weigh their clients before each flight.

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