30 Reasons Why You Might Not Like Living In Hawaii

Today I’m going to be Negative Nelly and give you some food for thought on why you might not enjoy living in Hawaii. Read each statement below and ask yourself, “Is this true for me?” If it is, that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll dislike living in Hawaii. But it does point out something that you need to consider carefully in deciding whether or not to move to Hawaii.

For example, #20 is true for me — I moved to Hawaii and left all my friends and family behind on the mainland. Before I moved, I thought very carefully about whether I would feel too lonely living in a place where I really didn’t know anyone, and if I would miss my friends and family too much to live happily in Hawaii.

If many of these statements are true for you, you might want to ask yourself if you’d be happier being a regular visitor to Hawaii, rather than a permanent resident.

  1. I look forward to the weather and landscape changes that the different seasons bring.
  2. I hate bugs with a passion, and I’m not willing to learn to live with them to any degree.
  3. My spouse/partner isn’t in love with Hawaii like I am.
  4. Going to live concerts, world-class theater performances, or art-house films is important to me.
  5. I am a type-A personality with little patience, and I don’t intend to change.
  6. I love living in a city that never sleeps.
  7. I’m not willing to lower my standard of living (for example, rent a more modest home).
  8. I’m not willing to change my current job occupation.
  9. I get hot, overheated, or sweaty very easily and feel better in a cooler climate.
  10. I’m just not that into nature or the great outdoors.
  11. My skin is sensitive to strong sunlight and I hate covering up or wearing sunscreen while outdoors.
  12. Social status is important to me.
  13. I like to take long road trips.
  14. I get bored or restless spending too much time in one place.
  15. A good public education system (grades K-12) is important to me and my family.
  16. I am a non-Asian who is planning to live on Oahu, and I’m uncomfortable with the idea of being outnumbered by Asians.
  17. I’m not interested in learning about or experiencing other cultures.
  18. I am uncomfortable being around a visible U.S. military presence.
  19. I cannot tolerate inefficiency or lack of progress for the sake of preserving traditions.
  20. I am planning to move to Hawaii alone, leaving all my friends and family behind.
  21. I have a hard time flying on airplanes.
  22. My children are Caucasian and will be attending a public school in Hawaii that has few white students.
  23. I believe that Hawaii, as part of the United States, should adopt the mainland’s ways of doing things.
  24. I believe that employees who never work beyond 40 hours a week are lazy and unambitious.
  25. I refuse to pay $5 for a gallon of milk and $4 for a gallon of gas.
  26. I am a young Caucasian male who plans to live in an area of Hawaii where few white people live.
  27. I thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.
  28. I cannot tolerate a work environment where promotions are sometimes based on personal relationships and seniority, rather than job performance.
  29. It would be difficult for me to adapt to working office hours that are 7am-4pm, instead of 9am-6pm.
  30. I’m not willing to work multiple part-time jobs, instead of one full-time job.

For more food for thought to help you decide whether living in Hawaii would be right for you, read my post “Before You Move To Hawaii, Answer These Questions.”