Hawaii Islands: What You Need to Know

Tired visiting the conventional holiday destinations? Want some escapades? Want to electrify yourself? Then budge to holiday at Hawaii and unravel the inscrutable anonymity of nature. A Short March in the Past, Hawaii Islands were born thousands of years ago from the underwater volcanic action. The oceanic water nurtured the islands, which developed huge ecosystems. The islands are whispered to be older than America and first colonized by Polynesian migrants who had rolled up from Marquesas Islands and were a bunch of superstitious and God fearing people.

However, Hawaii was christened as the 50th state of USA on 21st August 1959.

An Expedition to Hawaii, a glance at the mesmerizing red-hot lava making its passage to the oceans lays bare the fact that the Hawaiian Islands are still intensifying.

There is a concealed volcano beneath Hawaii Island in the offing to be a part of the Hawaiian family.

However, at present the Hawaii Islands are network of world? six great and exotic islands namely:

  1. Hawaii Island or the Big Island that is the largest amongst the constituent islands.
  2. Maui Island or Valley Isle that was baptized after a legendary demigod Maui. The area of the island is next to the Hawaii Island.
  3. Lanai or the Pineapple Island known for its delectable pineapples, is the smallest of all islands.
  4. Molokai or the Friendly Isle that cocoons some of the breath taking and marvelous beaches of the world.
  5. Oahu or the Gathering Place that grounds the capital city of Honolulu is a thickly populated island.
  6. Kaui or the Garden Isle has out of the ordinary flora and the bewitching Waimea Canyon.

The Hawaiian Islands are a perfect destination for both the nature lovers as well the beach aficionados. The former can take delight in hiking, sightseeing, horse riding etc. in the enigmatic evergreen forests at Hawaii, while there are inexhaustible and exclusive beach activities like underwater tours, submarine drives and scuba diving and so forth for the beach enthusiasts to have a ball.

The wonderful Garden Island of Kauai crams you with the feel that nature has preeminently unveiled itself in the form of these gardens. The Molokai Island magnetizes with its fishing and underwater activities and a feather is added to the enticement of this place by the incredible golf proceedings and events all round the year. Hawaii has nestled some of the glorious golf courses like Mauna Kea Golf Course, Challenge at Manele, Ko Olina and the like.

On the whole there are more than 80 golf clubs to bathe in the splendor of golf. Not to overlook are some of the eminent museums, the nerve wrecking night life and matchless cultural events like Hula dance, Hawaiian chants etc. on the land of Islands. You also have the opportunity to gain knowledge of some of these activities by participating in the respective events.

What the weather conspires Hawaii is a place of all seasons. The weather is stable all round the year with temperature fluctuating from 80 to 60 Fahrenheit. The months of June to November are a host to the hurricanes and the ones from November to March are cherished and acknowledged for the gigantic waves that whack the north shores of the all the islands.

During winters the breakers can be surfed at the Oahu? north shore as well as the Hoopika beach at the Maui? north shore. The north shore is hushed during the summers or the months of June to October when the south shores particularly the Waikki and Poipu beach are enlivened and perked up by the waves that are tossed from the tropical storms in South Pacific. Since the place is teeming with tourists all the year round, its better to get your reservations done.

Hawaii has legroom for the luxury as well as the budget travelers. The complete information can be accumulated either from your travel agency or the Internet that has a catalog of all the hotels along with their rents and amenities. So hanging on for what? gear up to bask in the grandeur of Hawaii! Mansi Aggarwal writes about Hawaii islands topics.