My Story, Pt. 8: Epilogue

I’ve now been living here in Honolulu for eight months. During that time, I’ve:

Tried traditional Hawaiian foods: lomi lomi salmon, poi, haupia, kalua pork, lau lau, chicken long rice, and poke

  • Tried less-traditional Hawaiian foods: Spam musubi, Leonard’s malasadas covered in li hing sugar (not as good as the plain sugar ones), nearly all the flavors of Bubbies mochi ice cream, pink guava bread (meh), shave ice covered in green tea powder and azuki beans (to die for), and acai bowls from four different establishments
  • Hiked to the top of Diamond Head Crater
  • Learned to pronounce “Kalaniana’ole Highway”
  • Seen some crazy-looking, giant-pod-bearing trees at the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden in Kaneohe
  • Checked out the fledgling standup comedy scene in Chinatown
  • Was introduced to one of the most awesome supermarket/department store chains ever: Don Quijote
  • Been to the most awesome farmer’s market ever: KCC Farmer’s Market
  • Tried sea kayaking for the first time (and spent most of the time capsized)
  • Learned not to go swimming at Waikiki Beach 10 days after a full moon
  • Attended the series premiere of “Hawaii Five-o” on Waikiki Beach (mainly to see Daniel Dae Kim)
  • Surrendered to the hill I live on and bought a little car
  • Hosted 11 houseguests
  • Hiked for four hours through thick mud on the Laie Falls Trail (thanks, Vera!)
  • Taken an introductory hula class
  • Visited the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor
  • Spotted migrating humpback whales from my living room window
  • Rescued numerous geckos from Alice’s clutches
  • Been eaten alive by mosquitos in Waimea Valley
  • Become immune to the sight of flying cockroaches
  • Thoroughly enjoyed wearing “slippers” (flip-flop sandals) all day, every day
  • Experienced my first tsunami warning (and learned to appreciate living on a hill)
  • Visited a gazillion beaches: Waikiki, Ala Moana, Sandy, Wailupe, Hanauma, Kahala, Diamond Head,
  • Kailua, Lanikai, Waimea…
  • Ended my six-year stint as a copyeditor at Yahoo!
  • Launched How To Live In Hawaii

Regarding those last two points: A couple months ago, I decided I needed a change in the type of work I was doing. I wanted to try doing some of my own writing, rather than editing other people’s writing. I’ve always wanted to work for myself, so when I found out that there are people who write blogs for a living, that sounded like exactly what I wanted to do. Soon after that, How To Live In Hawaii was born.

Despite the long list above, there are still many new things I want to experience in Hawaii. I still want to learn to surf, and I’m determined to give kayaking another go (this time in calmer waters!).

When I moved to Hawaii, my friend Nancy gave me ukelele as a farewell gift, which I want to learn to play. And I know I won’t feel like a full-fledged Hawaii resident until I can properly pronounce the name of Hawaii’s famous triggerfish, humuhumunukunukuapua’a. And believe it or not, I haven’t done any island hopping since I moved here, so I’m itching to hop on a plane and continue exploring the rest of the Hawaiian Islands.

So although this concludes my story of coming to Hawaii, my story of living in Hawaii is to be continued…hopefully for a long time!

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