Night Cruises in Hawaii

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Cruises are one of the top popular kind of entertainment in Hawaii, being available from all Hawaiian islands (Oahu, Kauai, Maui or Big Island) and which you can enjoy with your loved one. Depending on your plans and expectations you can choose either a simple tour or a cruise, completely meeting your wishes. You can choose a class of a ship for your cruise: from small boats or twin-hull boat to bigger ships, built specifically to meet the temper of Hawaiian ocean.

Types of Tours

Routes of all cruises pass popular Hawaiian beaches providing you a unique chance to capture the brightest sights of the islands. If you choose a cruise on a small boat, then you will be offered drinks and snacks during the cruise. Moreover a small boat provides you a magnificent sense of freedom as you can abstract away from buzzed life and to enjoy the sights and enjoy rocking of the waves and the fresh of the ocean. Night cruises are the best choice for those tourists desiring to enjoy the sights of evening ocean and not a swinging party on board.

If you prefer standard cruises on large ships, then your tour will include tropical drinks, buffet lunch and entertainment events. Each ship offers its own entertainment menu, but most of the events offer Polynesian songs and dancing. Some events are more entertaining and sparkling while others are more romantic. Cruise musicians can perform popular songs by order.

While night cruises are the most popular entertainment and their are cheaper than premium class tours, then most of the guests of the Hawaiian islands give preference to cheaper but the same interesting tours. That is why it is recommended for you to keep in mind that choosing this type of a cruise that you will need to share your feast with other people. The deck on such boats is commonly full of people and is a bit noisy being more suitable for a party. However if you prefer busy places, then this type of cruise is the best match for you.

If you desire a more romantic atmosphere, then premium class tours or exclusive night cruises are better for you. These options are more expensive, but you will enjoy a table near a viewing port, high quality service, expensive tropical drinks or even champaign. Moreover, both of the types of tours offer the best Polynesian shows, in some cases you will enjoy live jazz band (depending on the ship you choose). You will get individual service, the desk offers more free space.

For some exclusive type of tours there are certain limitations. For example, some tours do not allow kids under 12 years old, some ships set certain dress-code rules.

Despite of your choice, please, discuss all the details with your travel agent in advance or make your own online research of the tour, if you are going to book tour tickets online. An average duration of a cruise is about 2-3 hours. Some companies offer their clients a pickup service from the hotel and back at additional cost.

night cruises

Breathtaking landscapes

From the board of any cruise ship you will enjoy spectacular ocean sights and seascapes. If you visit Hawaii in winter season, then you have a chance to meet whales during a cruise.
Hawaiian islands offer marvelous sunsets at any season. Due to a specific geographic location, the sunsets are extremely short (as well as twilight time), and the sunsets are not as stunning as you can observe on post cards. But sometimes the sunsets are amazingly bright and spectacular. You may also notice, that after sunset the Hawaiian night sky gets colored in a variety of blue tones.


Menu of various night cruises may vary. A standard tour offers buffet lunch including pasta, green salad, different vegetables, Hawaiian fish (for example, mahi-mahi fish), roasted chicken, various, bakery, rice, smashed potatoes, fruits and desserts.

Menu of a premium class tour may offer more snacks, main courses and desserts, cocktails and champagne.

During the cruises you may be offered beer, Mai Tai, Pine Colada and other drinks. Some ships offer bar services with a great choice of drinks and cocktails fitting every taste.

Special events

Some companies organizing night cruises on Hawaii offer special tours on holidays, for example, a St. Valentine’s cruise of New Year Cruise, or 4th July Cruise (the Independence Day of the USA).
You can also order a cruise for celebration of wedding or other personal events as birthday party, anniversaries. To get more information on such type of a cruise, please, ask your travel agent.

My name is Elizabeth. I had a dream to live in Hawaii when I was young, and I was able to make my dream come true! I write for How To Live In Hawaii and share my stories!

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