Hawaii Career & Business Info Found On Local TV & Radio

AOJ Work From Home Jobs Review
AOJ Work From Home Jobs Review

This weekend I discovered some really great locally produced TV and radio shows that offer valuable “insider” info on job hunting, entrepreneurship, and the tech and film industries in Hawaii. If you want to find a job, start a business, work in the tech industry, or learn about film production — all specific to Hawaii — then you’re in luck. All of these shows have full episodes archived online, so you can watch or listen to them whenever, wherever. Check ‘em out!

Career Changers TV

This 30-minute show is aimed at those looking for job and business opportunities in Hawaii. The show includes segments profiling local businesses and nonprofits, continuing education and post-grad programs in Hawaii, local people who made successful career changes, and companies in Hawaii that are hiring.

Full episodes can be viewed on YouTube — each segment of an episode is shown in a separate video, so you have to click on 3-4 videos to watch one complete episode. This gets a little tedious, but the good part is that the commercials have been cut out and each segment is clearly titled, so you can easily skip any segments that don’t interest you.

Career Changers TV also has a nice companion website, which includes links to job-search sites, job hunting tips, small-business resources, and more.

Self-Made In Hawaii

This 30-minute show is about entrepreneurship and running small businesses in Hawaii. Each episode contains four segments: A local success story, a small-business tuneup strategy, a profile of a “best job in Hawaii,” and a success tip.

You can want to watch full episodes in their entirety (scroll down to “Episodes,” then click the up-arrow and down-arrow images to scroll through the list of episodes). Or you can watch just the types of segments that interest you.

The “Self-Made In Hawaii” companion website has a few extra goodies, including bonus videos, a blog, and information on upcoming workshops and other events for entrepreneurs and small-business owners.

ThinkTech Hawaii

ThinkTech Hawaii is a nonprofit that was founded in 2001 by Jay Fidell to raise awareness of Hawaii’s budding tech industry. It started as a radio program, which was broadcast on Hawaii Public Radio until 2008. Fidell’s subsequent TV program “ThinkTech Hawaii” and sister show “Asia In Review” cover not only Hawaii’s latest developments in high-tech, science, and renewable energy, but also the state’s expansion into global business markets.

There are a whopping 288 videos online, although not all of them are show episodes. Some are videorecordings of other meetings and interviews conducted outside of the show. The videos range from 10 minutes to more than an hour long. To help you locate the ones that will interest you the most, Fidell has divided up his most of his videos into three categories:

  • ThinkTech News: News and commentary on technology and public issues in Hawaii.
  • High Energy Hawaii: Interviews with entrepreneurs, utility companies, utility regulators, and experts on clean-energy development in Hawaii.
  • Asia In Review: Interviews with executives, experts, and newsmakers on current business, economic, technological, and political developments in Asia.

Bytemarks Cafe

This one-hour radio show on Hawaii Public Radio discusses current trends, projects, news, and happenings in Hawaii’s tech industry. You can subscribe to the show’s podcast or listen to a few past broadcasts in the archive.

Hawaii’s Reel Stories

This 30-minute show takes a behind-the-scenes look at film productions made in Hawaii — from independent shorts to big-budget movies. Interviews with producers, directors, and other crew members provide insights into Hawaii’s growing film industry. Full episodes are available online (scroll down to “Episodes,” then click the up-arrow and down-arrow images to scroll through the list of episodes).

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