How I Invited Thieves Into My Home

How I Invited Thieves Into My Home

Today I want to take a quick break from my job-hunting series so I can take advantage of a “teachable moment” related to something that happened to me recently. Last Thursday, I left for a trip to the mainland to attend my nephew’s wedding. When I arrived home Monday evening, I noticed that a small … Read more

My Story, Pt. 1: A Dream Deferred

I first fell in love with Hawaii as a teenager, when I made my first trip to Oahu with my parents and sister. We stayed at one of the Outrigger hotels (knowing my dad, I’m sure it was the cheapest one!) near Waikiki Beach and did what many first-time visitors do: We swam in the … Read more

My Story, Pt. 2: A Nice Gig, If You Can Get It

I knew my biggest obstacle in moving to Hawaii would be finding a job there that paid well enough so I could afford the high cost of living. At the time, I was working as a copyeditor for Yahoo! in Sunnyvale, California. After briefly surveying the job listings on Craigslist Hawaii, I was shocked to … Read more

My Story, Pt. 3: If It’s Too Good To Be True…

After being granted permission to work remotely from Hawaii, I spent the next few days in a state of bliss. And then the reality of the situation dawned on me: I was moving. In a few short months. Across the ocean. And I had a house to pack, a new rental home to find, two … Read more

My Story, Pt. 4: House Hunt, Take 2

After my close call with the rental-ad scam artists, I learned it was critical that I view prospective rentals and meet with the owners in person. So I booked a flight back to Honolulu, made a reservation for a week’s stay at a cheap Waikiki hotel, and set off on a mission to find my … Read more

My Story, Pt. 5: Rolling Up My Sleeves

Even though my new lease’s move-in date was one month away, I wouldn’t be able to bring my cats into Hawaii for another two months (to avoid the quarantine), but I figured it would be good for me to get the house set up first before bringing them over. And now that I had my … Read more

My Story, Pt. 6: Aloha, Alice and Amy!

One of the hurdles I faced in moving to Hawaii was completing the set of requirements outlined by the Department of Agriculture so my cats would not be quarantined upon arrival in Hawaii. It took me eight months to complete all the requirements: two rabies vaccines administered months apart, a blood test submission, a health … Read more

My Story, Pt. 7: Amy Goes AWOL

Three days after my cats arrived at our new home, Amy (the outdoorsy one) got too adventurous in her exploration of the new neighborhood and went missing. At first I wasn’t too worried — she had wandered off before at previous places we’d lived at, but always returned within four days. So after a week … Read more

My Story, Pt. 8: Epilogue

I’ve now been living here in Honolulu for eight months. During that time, I’ve: Tried traditional Hawaiian foods: lomi lomi salmon, poi, haupia, kalua pork, lau lau, chicken long rice, and poke Tried less-traditional Hawaiian foods: Spam musubi, Leonard’s malasadas covered in li hing sugar (not as good as the plain sugar ones), nearly all … Read more

RIP, Amy

RIP, Amy

Note: This is a very sad and personal post, and it really has nothing to do with living in Hawaii, so you might want to skip reading it. I decided to write about this here because many of my friends and family read my blog, and I didn’t want to have to tell this story … Read more